This area of the layout was formerly known as East Manor Yard, and was the location of a roundhouse and passenger yard. When Columbia Yard was finished, the smaller East Manor was decommissioned. One of our members (Brian Brandt) requested the authority over this area, and was granted that authority. The town of Brandtsburg was born, and industries and rail sidings started to cover the area. The Columbia Secondary diverges from the mainlines at Port Interlocking on the edge of Brandtsburg. The Reading Line travels on a high embankment behind the town. Most rail traffic on the layout passes through here. Local switching is done here also.

A Few Photos

Columbia Line

Along the track to Columbia Yard


A view of the brewery at Brandtsburg.


The Brandtsburg Diner is the local eatery for the working people in the various industries here.


Another view of Brandtsburg