Susquehanna City (Formerly Metropolis)

Susquehanna City is the largest city on the layout. It's former name was Metropolis, but since Superman never flew there, the citizens decided to call it Susquehanna City. The C&S MRR's largest cities are Columbia and Susquehanna City--hence the name Columbia & Susquehanna Model Railroad. Union Station is busy with both PRR rail lines as well as the Interloop Line passing through the passenger platform area. The Interloop Line goes from Susquehanna City to the rural farmlands. The Reading passes on a steel trestle over an industrial area.

A Few Photos

Cutter St.

GG1 at Union Station

28th. St.

Let's tear down a building

Looking across the bridge into Metropolis

Rooftop park

City Hall

Let's dig a hole

Engineer's view in Metropolis

Buildings on the hill above the Reading Branch

Glance down 28th. St.