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Due to Covid 19, masks are required as well as social distancing if you are not fully vaccinated. We do not require proof. When Pennsylvania reaches 70% population 18 years old and up fully vaccinated, masks are no longer required. We expect that to happen some time around July 1. We are allowing 50% capacity into the train room at a time.We have masks available, as well as hand sanitizer.We thank you for your cooperation.

Located at 21 N. 2nd St in Columbia, Pa., the former Columbia Historic Preservation Society Model HO Model Railroad was given a new name-- The Columbia & Susquehanna Model Railroad. Also, with the new expansion underway, the square footage of the model railroad is now about 2200 square feet and is HO (1:87) scale. The picture above is located in the Columbia area. The Columbia area is prototypical (based on what actually existed). The time era of Columbia is 1920-1940. Columbia covers approximately 200 sq.ft. of the layout, and is home to a large roundhouse facility, a major yard, coaling and diesel facilities as well as two railroad stations (Pennsylvania RR and Reading RR).

A Brief History of the Layout

The layout started out in the basement of Jack Belsinger, a Lancaster,PA man. Being from Europe, he modeled European trains. He gave the layout to Calvin Duncan who worked to find a home for it. The layout was smaller than what it is today. In 1993, CHiPS agreed to take the layout. It was cut into pieces and stored in the unused second floor of the history museum. There, it remained untouched for five years. In 1998, work began on preparing the unused second floor, and the layout was reconstructed.

In 2000, it was decided to build an HO diorama of Columbia as it appeared in the first half of the 20th century. Since 2000, all the track was replaced, and Digital Command Control (DCC) was installed, replacing the Zero-1 System. Two foot high backdrops were constructed to isolate various scenes, and to direct visitors up and down aisles around the layout. The layout is an ongoing work in progress.

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Roland Zimmerman and his family visited the layout during the open houses. He shot the video below, and added the guitar music. He gave us permission to add the video to our website.

Roland Zimmerman's Video (2013)

Goals For 2021

Our goals are to:

  • Complete upper level benchwork above the east & westbound yards
  • Create a trackplan for the new upper level, tying it in to the current track
  • Wiring the track, including routing wire down to the buss wires under the lower level
  • Lighting the westbound yard (under the upper level platform)
  • Adding lit buildings and street lighting near the haunted house.

steel trestle

Bacon City Diner

Name this building

Victorian Mansion

Victorian Mansion