Columbia is the only prototypical (based on what actually existed) area of the layout. The time era of Columbia is 1920-1940. Columbia covers approximately 200 sq.ft. of the layout, and is home to a large roundhouse facility, a major yard, coaling and diesel facilities as well as two railroad stations (Pennsylvania RR and Reading RR). Most of the buildings here were scratchbuilt to scale. AutoCAD drawings were created based on old photographs. While some buildings are still standing, others were torn down over time.

The photos below were taken March 8, 2014. Locust Street is now complete and several backyards have been scenicked. Next, I turn my focus to Second Street between Locust and Cherry Streets.

A Few Photos

My rendition of Gordon Waste Co. on Front St.

Tremont House was located at Front & Walnut Sts.

Union St. looking up from Front St. St. Peters School is in the background

Bridge St. near the PRR roundhouse

Locust St. above Front St. Reading RR station is on the right side of the street

This photo is a lace mill along Front St. It is not an exact duplicate due to size.

This Bank Alley near the Reading Freight Station. The Dave Forry tobacco warehouse is on the left

This is Front St. north of Walnut. The old PRR station is shone here.

This is the PRR roundhouse at Front & Bridge Sts.

This is an aerial view of part of the entire Columbia diorama