Upper Level & Yards

The uuper level is the part of the C&S from Logan Park (also called Lincoln Park) to the area near the Martic Trestle. It extends over thirty feet. The Reading Line is the only railroad on this level. The hidden westbound staging yard is under this level. The eastbound staging yard is on the main level out in the open. Several arches resembling the Veterans Memorial Bridge between Columbia and Wrightsville help conceal the hidden yard.

The eastbound yard also has a "Train Safe" track. People who transport their locomotives and/or trains to the layout in train safe carriers can attach the carrier at this switch. They can then drive their train from the carrier directly on to the layout. This eliminates placing each locomotive and RR car on the track by hand.

Fall like scenery is finished, and a small lumber industry (Lockard Lumber) is located on the upper level. Another small area is a grass area with a pavillion and some boys throwing a baseball. Lastly, the small town of Lamar (named using the middle name of one our volunteers) is also located here. The track travels right down the middle of the street here. Be sure to look for Ann Teak's Antique Shop.

A Few Photos

Boys passing a baseball


This is Lamar, a mountain town. Look for Ann Teak's Antique Shop.The Reading line comes right down the center of the main street.