Expansion & Yards

The expansion is jthe part of the C&S from Logan Park (also called Lincoln Park) to the area near the Martic Trestle. The table was built. It extended over thirty feet in length, The main table has two large staging yrads, One yard is for eastbound and the other is westbound. Cork sheet was laid for both yards, track was laid and glued, and the track was wired. Buss lines from the main layout were extended to cove the entire addition and feeders were dropped to the busswires. Once trains ran well on all tracks, the upper platform was designed and built.

A 24" wide platform was built eight inches above the westbound staging yard thus hiding the yard from view. The platform was mounted on several pieces of 2x4 lumber spaced two feet apart. The Reading Line (upper level track) would be built on this level to match the height of the Reading Line on the main layout. Again, cork was laid on the platform and risers (part of the line was higher), track was laid, glued and ballasted. Scenery was added, and a small lumber industry (Lockard Lumber) was added. Another small area is a park with a pavillion and some boys throwing a baseball. Lastly, a small town area where the train travels right down the middle of the street was added.

A Few Photos

bridge arches

The photo above shows a replica of the arches on the Veterans Memorial Bridge between Columbia and Wrightsville, PA. Another smaller section of this bridge is on the layout near Hinkly. The arches are removable in case work is required in the hidden westbound staging yard. LED rope lights are also mounted behind the arches.


Lockard Lumber Co.

Boys passing a baseball

Two young boys playing catch at the playground

Town photo

This is the small town with the Mountaineer Hotel. Other businesses line the main drag.The Reading line comes right down the center of the main street.