My Milkcans

A Cycloramic Painting is a painting around a cylindrical object like a milkcan. It is actually one scene which has no beginning or end. It continues. The scenes blend into each other. A good example of a cycloramic painting is located in Gettysburg,Pa. It depictes the battle in a large cyclorama (a large round auditorium). People enter the auditorium to see the large circular painting all around them. There is no beginning or end to the painting.

My Milkcans

I used to paint farm scenes using acrylic or watercolors. One Tuesday evening, i visited Roots Auction, an Amish farmers market here in Lancaster County. I was walking along, and noticed a gentleman had hand painted scenes on mailboxes, saws and milkcans. All were very nice, but the milkcans were of interest. The scene kept going around the can, and the scene blended into itself. I was inspired to try this for myself.

When a local KMart had plastic milkcans for sale one time, I bought one. It was a black can which would bring out the painting well. I chose 3 scenes which I had sketched and painted before, and recreated each on the can. then, I had to fill in areas between the scenes with smaller scenes that would pull them altogether. these usually consisted of landscape scenery like hills, ponds or even fences. When I showed photos of these to friends at work, they wanted me to paint cans for them. One person even bought 3 of the cans for me to paint. they were to be used as gifts for relatives and friends around the country.

Another woman had brought me a real metal milkcan she had purchased at a nearby farm. I painted scenes on her can. She also got me a can for myself. I used that one for my mother. That can was later gifted to a friend of mine when my mother passed away.

As with my other art pages, I hope you enjoy the photos of the milk cans. I didn't do many, and unfortunately never took photos before passing them on to my customers. The links to the right are to the photos I do have on file.