Welcome to Tony Segro Artworks

The Tony Segro Artworks consists of my artwork dating from the mid 1980s to the present, including HO and N Scale models I've built. Each link to the right opens pages with photos and explanations of he various media.

My Woodburnings

The WOODBURNING page explains what a woodburning is, and links on the right hand column open photos of various woodburnings I've done since the early 1980s.

My Paintings

The PAINTINGS page gives a brief history of how I started painting. It also has photos of several paintings of mine. I painted in oils, acrylics and watercolors.

My Scale Models

The SCALE MODELS page explains how I started scratchbuilding HO & N Scale models in the late 1980s. Photos are included. For more of my model work, be sure to visit the CHiPS HO Model RR link to the right on this page

My Pencil Sketches & Computer Art

The SKETCHES page highlights some of the pencil sketches I've made, as well as some of my computer generated art using programs like AutoCAD, ProgeCAD 2009 Smart, Inkscape and GIMP..

My Milk Can Art

The MILKCANS ART page explains what a cycloramic painting is, and why it doesn't have a beginning or an end. Three photos on this page are of three different views of the same milkcan.