My Pencil Drawings

I've been doing pencil drawings since I was in grade school. Drawing was always one of my interests. Most of those early sketches were discarded years ago. In 1976, I took a class in drawing with charcoal on newsprint. These were still lifes like cans and bottles. One sketch I did was of my old neighborhood. I was laying across the bed and was staring out the window when I drew a sketch of houses in the 600 block of Chestnut Street in Columbia. That was drawn using a standard #2 pencil.

I didn't do as many sketches when I started woodburning and painting, It wasn't until the late 1990's when I bought a sketch book and did a few sketches. The book went on a shelf until within the beginning of 2012, when I happened to open it again. I found YouTube videos posted by a man named Mark Crilley. He is an artist who has mastered the art of drawing Menga figures (a Japanese style of drawing). After watching some of his videos on drawing faces, I did a few sketches in the book using a 0.3mm lead pencil.

My Computer Drawings

I've worked with AutoCAD, ProgeCAD 2009 Smart, and Inkspace for awhile now. These are Scalable Vector Graphic (SVG) software. The difference between vector graphics and raster graphics is that raster graphics uses pixels (individual dots) to complete the picture. Digital photos (bmp, jpg, tiff, png) are an examples of raster graphics. When raster graphics are scaled, distortion takes place, and the photo becomes blurry. This is because each individual pixel is scaled. GIMP is a free license photo editing software available on the internet. It can be downloaded at and allows all types of photo enhancing. Logos and signs can also be created with GIMP. I use it to create old walls with faded signs for the CHiPS HO Model Railroad layout.

With vector graphics, pixels are not used. When a vector graphic is scaled to a different size, n o distortion takes place. CAD drawings (dwg, dxf) and Windows Metafiles (wmf) are some examples of vector graphics. Inkspace uses svg files. One use of Inkspace is for drawing and coloring cartoon-like drawings. It allows text editing as well.

As with my other art pages, I hope you enjoy the photos of some of my paintings.