Wharington is the location of a large railyard. This section of the layout was on a 24x10 ft. donation to the Columbia & Susquehanna Model RR. Most of the donated layout was incorporated into the C&S as an expansion project. Wharington was named for Charlie Whary, the man wh gave us the layout. A future rock quarry will find a home here. There is a photo included of what the buildings will look like. Dan Martin and Fred Reigel undertook the building of the quarry, as well as huge rock mountains. Dan is originally from Oregon, and is no stranger to the mountains. He also built an avalanche shed along the Reading Line. The four rail lines in this area of the C&S are the east and westbound PRR lines, the Reading Line and the High Line.

A Few Photos

Wharington Yard engine facility

Rock cliffs near the quarry

A train at a road crossing

the main street in town

Someone had a traffic mishap

A mountain top view of Wharington Yard

Hungry travellers lining up at the Road Kill Cafe

Avalanche shed on the Reading Line

the future quarry buildings - 5 separate industries

Wharingto Yard tower

An old rail to trail over the PRR mainlines