Yurzan Mine & Hill Town

Yurzan Mine and Hill Town are constructed on the layout where the expansion meets the original layout. Yurzan Mine was originally on the lower PRR lines, but was elevated to the Reading Line when the upper level was re-routed on to the expansion. The original Reading line is still used periodically and comes through next to the haunted victorian mansion in Logan Park. The PRR mainlines on the main level go into a tunne under Hill Town and pass through the backdrop.

The Reading Line enters a tunnel near Hill Town and passes through the backdrop also. The town is built on a hill to hide the Reading Line's route. Hill Town also connects to the Opera House Diorama section. While "Hill Town" streets seem to become 3rd St. on the opera house diorama, 3rd St. does not resemble the streets in Hill Town. The opera house diorama stops at Cherry Street.

The interlocking of track near the truss bridge were the mainline tracks on the original layout before the expansion. Connecting the new expansion tracks with the old PRR mainlines created one massive interlocking. It is still used from time to time. There are more switches and crossovers on this interlocking near the haunted house and Logan Park on the other side of the backdrop. The Inner Loop also passes through here on its own track.

A Few Photos

Up the hill in Hill Town

Two guys painting a billboard

Looking across the track at the wall

The signal bridge near the interlocking

The truss bridge helps hide the original PRR mainlines

Yurzan Mine